IBS: Answers at Your Fingertips

IBS: Answers at Your Fingertips, by Dr Udi Shmueli

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is often dismissed as a trivial complaint blown out of all proportion by neurotic hypochondriacs. The reality is very different. It is an extremely common and distressing problem affecting up to 20% of us at any one time.

The symptoms of IBS include bloating, wind, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation, and the condition can vary in severity. Some people have occasional mild symptoms; others experience frequent unpleasant bouts of IBS that can dominate their whole lives.

If you suffer from IBS, this book will answer the questions that you were too embarrassed to ask. Based on his long experience as a consultant gastroenterologist, Dr Shmueli provides detailed guidance on all aspects of the condition, answering over 430 questions from people with IBS.

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