Emergency Response Telephone

Geemarc CL600 Emergency Response Telephone

The Geemarc CL600 Emergency Response Phone is not only a big button amplified telephone, ideal for people with hearing or viual impariments, but it also has some unique emergency features.

The CL600 is amplified up to 40dB, making it easier to hear. The adjustable tone control means you can adjust the pitch of the receiving sound to customise it to your hearing loss. The Geemarc CL600 is also hearing aid compatible for interference free hearing for hearing aid users.

The CL600 comes with 2 activators with lanyards and wrist bands to suit your needs. In a state of emergency, you would press a button on the activator, the CL600 would then call your 6 emergency number on a loop until someone answers. The CL600 will then play a message and shift onto handsfree speakerphone, so you can communicate.

The Geemarc CL600 also has a reverse feature, so if you are concerned because your relative who has a CL600 and is not picking up the phone, you can call their number, enter a code and put the CL600 on loud speaker, so you can call out to them.

Other features include a strobe light, memory, on-hook feature and water resistant activators.

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