Parkinson's: Answers at Your Fingertips

If you have any questions about managing Parkinson’s medication, treatments, benefits, finance, transport, holidays, or where to turn to for help and support – you will find the answers here.

Parkinson’s – the ‘At Your Fingertips’ guide covers all the drugs and other treatments commonly used in managing Parkinson’s; includes up-to-date information on services and benefits available; contains the latest information on research and clinical trials; explains all the medical jargon in plain English; and offers positive, practical advice on every aspect of living with Parkinson’s.

Understanding Parkinson's Disease

This book aims to help you understand the symptoms and disabilities caused by Parkinson’s disease and to suggest what you can do for yourself, as well as how doctors can treat the condition. Great progress has been made in our understanding of this disorder, bringing new hope to sufferers. Medical science has developed a range of treatments which can control the symptoms and allow as normal a life as possible.