All About Arthritis: Past, Present, Future

This book — intended to dispel the mystique and folklore surrounding arthritis — explains clearly the scientific aspects of arthritis research and treatment.

Dr Brewerton tells the story of arthritis research, from the days before germs were recognized as causes of disease and when reasons for inflammation were obscure, to the present, when breakthroughs in genetics, epidemiology, X-ray crystallography, cell biology, and molecular biology support major advances in research and treatment.

The author also addresses the human elements, discussing the role in arthritis of such factors as age, sex, emotions, pain, and personality. He ends the story on a hopeful note, carefully explaining the prospects for prevention and treatment.

Eat to Beat Arthritis

A bestselling guide to beating arthritis through nutrition, with over 60 delicious recipes from cook Marguerite Patten, who completely eased her own painful arthritic symptoms through diet, and a comprehensive self-treatment plan from nutritionist Jeannette Ewin.

Ring Pull Can Opener

This compact and lightweight kitchen aid is ideal for people with a weakened grip or limited dexterity, as well as those who want to avoid damaging their nails when opening tins and cans.

The gadget simply hooks under the edge of the ring pull and with a simple pulling motion on the comfortable handle, allows you to easily peel back the ring pull and lid together. It will fit neatly into your cutlery drawer when not in use and also features a hanging loop in the handle.

The Arthritis Helpbook

The Arthritis Helpbook is the world’s leading guide to coping with joint pain, and it is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation and the Arthritis Society.

It succeeds because of its tested advice, its hundreds of useful hints, and its emphasis on self-management — helping people with arthritis and fibromyalgia to achieve their own health goals.

ThermaCare Heat Wraps

ThermaCare pain relieving heatwraps provide effective relief of muscular and joint pains associated with overexertion, strains, sprains and arthritis. They are self-heating and provide 8 hours of constant warmth for long lasting relief.

ThermaCare heatwraps are specially designed to be comfortable and easy to wear under normal clothes, and are odourless and non-greasy.

Understanding Arthritis and Rheumatism

The bones, joints and muscles of the body make up the locomotor system, which enables us to move around. All sorts of problems may develop in this system, particularly as we get older.

The term arthritis refers to problems with the joints in the locomotor system. There are many forms of arthritis, although not all forms are serious nor do they necessarily get progressively worse. Rheumatism is a vaguer term referring generally to aches and pains and problems with the soft tissues, such as muscles and tendons.

The aim of this book is to help readers understand how their locomotor system works, what can go wrong and what help is available. There is a lot you can do to help yourself, both to treat problems when they arise and to prevent them happening in the first instance.