100 Questions & Answers About Asthma

If you suffer from asthma, or have a friend or relative who does, this book offers all the information you need to better understand and manage the condition.

The book includes information about the latest scientific approaches to asthma care and research, provides comprehensive information about medicines used to treat asthma, and focuses on healthy living with asthma. This book provides authoritative, practical answers to your questions about treatment options, coping strategies — for both patient and family — sources of support, the importance of exercise and nutrition, and much more.

Asthma: Answers at Your Fingertips

This 5th edition of Asthma: Answers at Your Fingertips answers real questions about asthma asked by people with asthma and their families, and answered by experts in the practical treatment of asthma. It helps you take control of your condition, so that you can lead a normal, active life, free of symptoms.

Digital Mini-Wright peak flow meter

An easy to use digital peak flow meter that measures both peak expiratory flow and FEV-1, for use by both asthma and COPD patients.

A battery is included in sealed unit with a life of approximately 2 years. A download cradle and software are available as optional extra.

Mini-Wright peak flow meter

An EU standard scale peak flow meter with a standard washable plastic mouth piece, used for the assessment of peak flow as an indicator of asthma and other pulmonary conditions.

Peak flow mouthpieces

100 adult size, single use peak flow mouthpieces made of cardboard.

Polti Vaporetto Steam Cleaner

The power of steam de-greases and deep-cleans naturally. Vaporetto has eliminated the need to use chemical cleaning products to get rid of dirt, dust mites and allergies: you can now deep-clean the home without polluting, using the power of steam alone.

Steam temperature and pressure are capable of detaching and dissolving dirt, eliminating bacteria and dust mites as well, which are so often responsible for allergic reactions.

The tests carried out by Cambridge University and Lyon Dermatological Hospital has demonstrated the effectiveness of Polti steam against dust mites (eliminated 98%) and allergens (eliminated 86%). In addition, the British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporetto its “Seal of Approval” for its effectiveness in eliminating mites.

Understanding Asthma

An up to date guide for patients on asthma written by Professor Jon Ayres, one of Britain’s leading experts.

It covers the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of asthma in a way that sufferers and their families should find both reassuring and easy to follow.