Epilepsy and Your Child: The 'At Your Fingertips' Guide

Epilepsy is a confusing and occasionally frightening subject to be faced with. This practical handbook answers hundreds of questions from parents of children with epilepsy. Their experiences and the authors’ expert answers give you the knowledge to help your child lead a happy, healthy, and normal life.

Epilepsy: The 'At Your Fingertips' Guide

Covering all aspects of epilepsy, this practical handbook guides the reader through the complicated maze of diagnosis and treatment, and shows them how to deal with their epilepsy with confidence. Two experts in the field answer over 220 real questions from people with epilepsy, offering advice on how to live an active and full life.

Also available as an audiobook.

Understanding Epilepsy

To most of us epilepsy means dramatic and uncontrolled convulsions. The reality is more complex and less alarming. To dispel the mystery and to provide real help, two leading epilepsy specialists have written this succinct guide. Explaining that epilepsy is a symptom not a disease, they take you through the types and causes of epileptic seizure, giving special emphasis to the options for treatment and discussing the latest advances in drug therapy. Their conclusion is that epilepsy may be common, but usually gets better and there are excellent ways of controlling it.