Getting Rid of Gout

Anyone suffering from this distressing arthritic condition will fully appreciate the new edition of Getting Rid of Gout. Included in the new sections are updated dietary guidelines, including current research on the role of diet in preventing or aggravating gout, and a description of the new medications available for its treatment.

Author Bryan Emmerson is a recognised authority on gout, and argues that if control of the elevated concentrations of uric acid can be achieved through either diet or medication modifications, gout attacks will cease and there will be no further complications.

Written in a sympathetic manner with the aid of diagrams and cartoons, Getting Rid of Gout offers practical advice and dispels many of the popular fallacies about the nature and causes of gout.

Gout: Answers at Your Fingertips

Gout is an inflammatory arthritic condition, which is becoming increasingly common in both men and women. Characterised by painful, swollen joints, gout can occur in acute, intermittent attacks or it can develop into a crippling chronic disease.

Attacks are typically brought on by:

This is an invaluable question and answer guide for people suffering from gout, and answers 176 questions from patients about dealing with the condition. It dispels the myth that this is just a problem suffered by the over indulgent, and provides the best advice on treatment and alleviating painful symptoms.