Assorted Detectable Plasters

St John Ambulance adhesive dressings. High quality stretch plasters. Available in various shapes and sizes:

Elastoplast Disney plasters

Elastoplast Disney Princess plasters are printed with images of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White and Arielle, so small misfortunes can be quickly forgotten.

Elastoplast Pixar plasters

Elastoplast Disney Cars plasters feature images of Lightining McQueen, Mater and some of their friends so small misfortunes can be quickly forgotten.

Elastoplast Spray Plaster

When you are always on the go, you need a quick and easy way to handle cuts and grazes. That’s why Elastoplast developed Spray Plaster — an ingenious plaster that you literally spray on rather than stick on.

It sprays and stays on in the most awkward of places making it ideal for elbows, knees, knuckles and any areas which are tricky to reach. Acting like a second skin, it is a flexible film, transparent and breathable for quick, healthy healing.

Germolene Liquid Plasters

Germolene New Skin provides a waterproof and germproof barrier to protect minor skin damage such as cuts, grazes and blisters, so allowing natural healing to take place.

Hello Kitty plasters

These Hello Kitty plasters are great for children and the perfect solution for bumps, cuts, minor burns, bites or stings.

They are latex free, waterproof and the feature four cute designs.

Little Miss Hug plasters

Little Miss Hug to the rescue! She is the sweet way to soothe minor cuts and grazes — the perfect plasters to get children back to their sunny self! Hypoallergenic and latex free, these plasters protects wounds from dirt and bacteria.

Mr Happy plasters

The fast and friendly way to soothe minor cuts and grazes. Mr Happy plasters are printed with pictures of Mr Happy from the Mr Men, to quickly comfort children.

Hypoallergenic and latex free, these plasters protects wounds from dirt and bacteria.

Savlon Antiseptic Spray Plaster

Savlon Antiseptic Spray Plaster delivers a spray-on waterproof and transparent film that helps protect cuts and grazes, and aids the natural healing process.

This no-touch formula is antiseptic upon application due to the alcohol content, helping to reduce the risk of infection

Steroplast Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters

Wash-proof Plasters

Washproof Plasters are ideal for use around the home, workplace, or outdoors. The pack features an assortment of 100 plasters in different shapes and sizes, to treat a variety of cuts and grazes.

These plasters are water resistant and can be used to protect cuts and wounds from dirt, water and other liquids. The plasters are hypo-allergenic and feature a pink backing with an absorbent wound pad beneath to keep the wound clean. Their latex free adhesive minimises the risk of allergic reactions to the skin.