PSA Home Test

A home test to detect high levels of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in the blood, providing a result within 10 minutes.

PSA is an enzyme produced by the prostate gland and released into the blood stream in very small quantities. If there is a problem with the prostate, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, or prostate cancer, the prostate will often release larger amounts of PSA into the blood.

Understanding Prostate Disorders

The prostate gland lies just beneath the bladder. Many men, as they get older, experience prostate symptoms such as a poor urine stream or having to urinate frequently. This book explains diseases of the prostate, how they cause problems and what can be done about them.

Medical understanding of prostate disorders has advanced enormously, and the options for treatment from surgery to drugs have improved dramatically, greatly improving the quality of life of sufferers.