Aidapt Foam Squeeze Ball

The Squeeze Ball can be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation, to strengthen the hand, wrist and forearm, and improve grip and flexibility. They can also be used to aid relaxation and provide stress relief by simply squeezing and breathing deeply, perfect in a stressful work environment or if you are giving up smoking.

Control Stress

Based on over twenty years of research, this book contains psychological techniques that will create feelings of calm alertness for you to access whenever you choose. You will learn how to transform your life to a place of peace, freedom from worry, and inner strength.

The book also comes with a hypnosis CD that will help you to re-programme your mind to control stress, build up your inner strength, and bring more joy, power and happiness to everything you do.

Understanding Stress

A certain amount of stress is necessary to keep us motivated. However, too much stress can have an adverse effect on our health and well-being, affecting our everyday performance and personal relationships.

Repeated, continuing, severe stress has a weakening and demoralising effect which may make it more difficult to tackle the underlying problems that are causing the stress. Professor Wilkinson’s invaluable book explains exactly what stress is and the problems it creates, as well as giving advice on self-help measures and where to go for help.