Nivea Sun Lotion SPF 50

Especially formulated for delicate skin, Nivea Sun SPF50+ sun Lotion has an optimised balance of UVA and UVB filters to help to protect the health of your skin. Nivea Sun lotion is enriched with aloe vera and vitamins. With long-lasting water resistance, vitamin E combats harmful free radicals and premature skin ageing.

Nivea Sun provides immediate protection against sunburn and long-term skin damage, and helps reduce the risk of sun allergies.

The sun protection factor (SPF) gives an indication about the degree of protection against sunburn. As the SPF increases, the amount of sunburn including UVB radiation that reaches the skin is reduced. The SPF should be chosen depending on the skin type, season, location and time of the day.

SunCounter UV meter

This device calculates the UV index, a measure of the strength of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight that can cause sunburn. After entering the SPF of sunscreen you are using and your skin type, the device calculates the safe exposure limit.

Sunlight exposure for vitamin D production requires just 10% of the time before sunburn.