Drug Testing Kit

These tests are simple, fast and accurate, and will detect signs of drugs of abuse in urine. This drug cassette will test for the following drugs:

SureSign All-in-one Screening Test

Urine testing is a useful procedure as an indicator of health or disease as the composition of urine can change markedly when a wide variety of diseases or infections are present. Because urine testing is simple to carry out, it can be part of routine health screening in the home.

The Family Health Screening Test can be used to give a general indication of health and helps in the detection of diseases and infections that can affect the kidneys, urinary tract, liver, and heart.

The strips are intended for testing urine in the home for:

Urinalysis multisticks

Urinalysis Multisticks test 10 parameters:

Urinalysis reagent test strips are intended solely for use by medical professionals who will know how to correctly interpret the results.